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dear sweethearts,
i recently got discharged from a mental clinic. i am much stronger now than i used to be. of course i'm not fully recovered yet, but i'm getting there. and i am still seeing someone to talk to. also, ice cream doesn't really scare me any more, yaaaay!

this is a reminder
that you deserve the world
that you are a good person
that you are a kind person
that you deserve love

and if you ever need
someone to talk to
or if you ever need
a shoulder to cry on
you can always come to me

i am here for you!
i promise!

stay strong!
you can do this!

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"You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."

"People ask me if there are going to be stories of Harry Potter as an adult. Frankly, if I wanted to, I could keep writing stories until Harry is a senior citizen, but I don’t know how many people would actually want to read about a 65 year old Harry still at Hogwarts playing bingo with Ron and Hermione."
Happy 49th Birthday J.K. Rowling, July 31st 1965.


everyone’s got that couple of fanfics that you just read over and over even though you practically know it by heart because it’s so perfect it’s like a favorite book and you just catch yourself clicking to a random chapter on it because it’s so good it’s comforting to reread it

ginvraweasley »> priortriis

temporary :)


#YesAllWomen because Rihanna can make a song about enjoying sex and sing about the way she likes it, and it gets banned in 11 countries, while Robin Thicke can completely diminish the line of consent and objectify women in the process in a song and it is a ‘smash hit’ and gets to number one in multiple countries.

happy birthday, harry!

↳ whomping willow

"I told you, months ago, that the Whomping Willow was planted the year I came to Hogwarts. The truth is that it was planted because I came to Hogwarts."

lumos maxima

1-3/50 screencaps of Harry Potter from Chamber of Secrets


Please tell me that you weren’t watching that.

Favorite Caps + Chamber of Secrets

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter, the boy who lived!

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter, the boy who lived!

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